resoluteWhat is ResoLute?

ResoLute is an innovative, upstream, palliative approach that seeks to provide residents and their loved ones more time to successfully address Work of Aging milestones.

What is the Work of Aging?

The Work of Aging is used to describe conversations or actions that support one in reaching late life milestones for the mind, body and spirit.

Program funding allows for a newly created Quality in Living Specialist (QILS) position. The QILS will have dedicated time and training to facilitate timely and truthful conversations with residents, their loved ones and the care team. These conversations will seek to discover and reconcile resident priorities, fears, and wishes on the Work of Aging conversation topics. The outcome of these conversations will help us discover what matters most to our resident and their loved ones and then create care plans that provide the opportunity for the resident to achieve successful aging and live life to the fullest.

Family Connections gathering

Tuesday, February 26th at 5:30 pm in the “Cottage” we will serve a light soup & sandwich meal for all of us to enjoy and get to know each other better. Learn More

Meet your QILs

Barb Anderley Theresa Henson 763-951-7819 763-951-7886

Barb Anderley // Theresa Henson
763-951-7819 // 763-951-7886
[email protected] // [email protected]


  • Barb: Certified Activity Director
  • Theresa: Licensed Social Worker

What ResoLute means to us:

This program provides us the opportunity to get to know our residents better and allow them to figure out what matters most.

February Thought of the Month

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ResoLute is funded with a grant through the MN Department of Human Services. This program is managed by Empira in collaboration with our consortium members (Elim Care Inc, Presbyterian Homes & Services, Saint Therese and Volunteers of America).

Empira’s mission is to inspire, challenge, and strengthen the Aging Services industry through practical application of evidence-based research.

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