We Offer A Complete Continuum of Care

Overlooking Sturges Park on the banks of Buffalo Lake, Park View Care Center offers a full continuum of senior care in the west metro and beyond.

Specializing in skilled nursing services, rehab nursing, memory care and hospice, this 124 bed skilled nursing home contains small “neighborhoods” that allow residents and staff opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with one another.

The friendly and caring staff works to create a family atmosphere throughout the campus while also providing the best care possible to those who call Park View home.

History of Park View Care Center

Evangelical Free Church, Franson Memorial Park, Sturges Park, and Park View Care Center..

In June of 1914, the first call to an Evangelical Free Church Conference in Buffalo was published. It included these significant statements:

“A Young People’s Conference will be held in Buffalo, July 3-5, 1914. A more ideal meeting place than Buffalo cannot even be imagined. A large pavilion in the beautiful park has been rented and all preparations have been made.”

The Evangelical Free Church rented the facilities for meetings in 1914 and 1915. In 1916, the following recommendation was made:

“That the Conference purchase Sturges Park, Buffalo, Minnesota, including the pavilion, for the sum of $5,000!”

All evidence points to the fact that Rev. Carl Lindberg (pastor of the Buffalo Evangelical Free Church from 1912-1914) was the organization’s first chairman. According to Roy Thompson, editor of the Evangelical Beacon,“Brother Lindberg probably had more to do with the establishment of our Buffalo Bible Camp than any other man and was one of the leaders of our young people’s and Sunday School Conferences at Buffalo for many years!”

While the Conference was now incorporated and legally christened, the park itself remained nameless. In 1919, the call was sent forth to all interested to submit suggestions for a new name. Four years later, a decision was made to name the park after a pioneer missionary in the Evangelical Free Church by the name of Fredrik Franson who had died in 1909. To the residents of Buffalo and the constituents of the Free Church in Minnesota, the property was known as Franson Memorial Park.

Each summer the camp served as a place where children and families could enjoy a variety of activities to meet their physical and spiritual needs. But by 1956, it was evident that the 5 acre camp grounds were no longer adequate to serve the growing Evangelical Free Church in Minnesota. It was located in the heart of the city of Buffalo with no room for expansion.

In 1958, a decision was made to purchase 231 acres on Lake Shamineau near Motley, Minnesota for $35,000. A developer expressed interest in buying the Buffalo property, and offered to pay $28,000 for it. When the city of Buffalo heard of the offer, it agreed to match it in order to obtain the property for a city park. In 1961, the park was officially named Sturges Park. Some of the park land was deeded to Wright County Retirement Center for $1.00 for the location of a facility which would eventually be called Park View Care Center.

In 1999, Park View joined the Elim Care family which is affiliated with and endorsed by the Evangelical Free Church of America. So in a sense, a Free Church ministry has returned to the very site where another one had already enjoyed over 40 years of ministry!